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View from Royal Bombay Yacht Club to the Gateway of India, Mumbai


Since 1990, India's economy is growing with an average rate of approximately 6% per year, and has in the meantime reached the global rank number 10 of the largest economies in the world. In the last years, the growth rate was around 9%.

Besides a very few sectors like retail (0%) or defense (26% cap), most sectors have been opened up for foreign investment. Business perspectives in most sectors are and will probably be good for a long time, due to a variety of factors including the huge size of the population. 

For companies from all over the world, the relevant question today is no more whether to come to India or not, but HOW to get there quickly and get hold of an attractive market position.

IndiaConsulting can support you to enter the Indian market and achieve the targeted attractive market position.

From our past experiences in and with India and from a lot of projects from automotive over e-commerce to pharmaceuticals, we have inside knowledge of a broad variety of industry sectors in capital goods, semi-finished goods, components, parts, high-tech products, and also sometimes consumer products and services.

Please contact us at any time for more information, best by email.

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